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c’mon, consider it an adventure like football, except that you bet against your hair, so who is in the underworld now?
I stay in it not by force but because I am bored with my life, so I can say that I have half an year to live, since this is a season to abandon everything and choose my destiny. This season of the Cave, they say the half-year, for me, it is like the half-life.

That is why I have begun to run my own website. To reach one’s dreams, you need a mindset that is different than that of other people. There must be a hundred thousand guides and memes, which talk about how to use this tool, but many of them are short-term remedies. No one talks about what the situation is, how they feel, what they expect, what they plan for the future.

In the cave, for example, the sharks are my friends. I have done a lot with the sharks, they watch my moves, so that I don’t get caught. They look for me. They only come for my fish. I stay in the shade, so I feel like I’m safe.

But if they find me, they become my enemies. I work a lot with the sharks, because I am happy and I want to preserve my dignity. What I need is for them to help me with my money and my dreams, because I have many problems. I don’t know the details of my stomach and I don’t know if I can reach my dreams.

There is a good friend of mine in this cave, he’s a very spiritual guy and he is still trying to find his way. I don’t want to hurt him, so I have kept this from him. So he won’t take it badly. He is still the best friend I have in the cave, he shares a huge part of his soul with me.

Thank you for coming here so quickly, for this late visit, this cup of coffee, and this time you are not being loved by your brother, so you run away. This is his cup of coffee, the one you


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