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Marvellous Jennifer, Your voice was fabulous, a perfect match for Ivona! (I can. Felicia Wilmoth. Jennifer Iris. Ivona TTS. Ivona. US: Jennifer.1.4.21.iTunes.{31288d6d8b4d4d14dcfd4e057d359c61e7047869} ) ® 1. Click® below to download: ® ¨ ª ° °¤ We recommend a®¤® experience for the best viewing experience on your device.
Ivona tts us jennifer 1.4.21. Apr 30, 2009 · Edit: After downloading the update be sure to restart the program. By the way i don’t mind manual downloads.. PLZ help�.pls let me know if this works or not. Ivona tts us jennifer 1.4.21.Stoke’s Potters aim to emulate United model

It is that competition between rival clubs, not just with each other, which creates the greatest potential for success.


The pressure is building for Stoke City as the race for the Barclays Premier League title hots up.

That situation applies to the Potters, but if Paul Lambert’s side are to emulate Manchester United’s win as champions 18 months ago, it will not just be on the pitch.

There will have to be plenty of financial muscle in place to pay the wages demanded by that competition, and the city’s voice will have to be heard.

It will be no coincidence that, when it comes to signing any new players, even if it is from close to the top of the relegation league, Lambert is similar to former boss Alex Ferguson in his insistence on seeing where the market lies.

There may be pressure on the manager’s back to find the right targets and in that respect, the fact that the next transfer window does not actually start until January has added to his stress.

There is no negotiating with clubs over the summer, although making sure there are no loan deals is another problem in itself for a manager who wants to understand where his squad are at any one time in time.

But at the end of a long season, there have been enough close run finishes to convince Lambert that it is so much easier if your targets are secured sooner rather than later.

How to get the value from array in java

I want to create a function that convert the integer into its string representation.
I have an array of integer “”. I just want to get all of the values in the array. But the values that have decimal values and when I try to get each values, it will get me the value plus the decimal.
int[] amount = new int[] {1000,2000,3000};

I want to print something like this:
output: 2.00K, 3.00K, 3.00K

my code:
public static void main(String[] args) {

public static String format(int[] amount) {
StringBuilder string = new StringBuilder();
for(int i : amount){
return string.toString();


You might want to do the following:
public static String format(int[] amount) {
StringBuilder string = new StringBuilder();

for (int i : amount) {
string.append(String.format(“%.2f”, i));

return string.toString();

The String.format(“%.2f”, i) will print the number like 2.00K, but the K is added to get proper output.

The Last of the Wild

The Last of the Wild is a documentary television series, presented by writer/director John James Paice,

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