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Turns out it was not Billiej’s file after all but a file with the same name. Problem solved.

#include “scripting/JS_API.h”
#include “scripting/VariableStore.h”

#include “main/main.h”
#include “main/util.h”
#include “main/formats/Any.h”
#include “main/events/MouseEvent.h”

using namespace ParticleBlue;

namespace {

// Implementation of the JS_CreateVariable() interface.
// The implementation creates a new variable of type “type” and name “name”.
class VariableCreator : public JS_API
// This function is used to create a new variable of type “type” and name “name”.
static Any CreateVariable(const Any &parameters)
// Create the variable.
Var variable;

if (parameters.Has(CREATE_FORMAT))
if (!ValueFormat(parameters, CREATE_FORMAT, CreateVariableType()))
throw std::runtime_error(“Couldn’t format the variable.”);


switch (parameters.GetInt(LABEL_FORMAT))
double label;
label = static_cast(parameters.GetDouble(LABEL_FORMAT));
if (label 100.0)
throw std::runtime_error(“Invalid Label. The label must be between 0 and 100.”);
int label;

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I have this code in front end,

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